Our Mission


Changing Lives Through Experiential Bathing

Bathing Brands' mission is to change lives through Experiential Bathing. With a passion for representing leading brands, we are committed to unite resellers and the nation's bathers with products and services that grow involvement with Experiential Bathing.


What is Experiential Bathing?

Experiential Bathing goes far beyond simply cleansing –­ it is bathing for the soul.  Something wonderful happens when a bathing space is designed and created as a wellness sanctuary. An Experiential Bathing space creates an environment that combines vapor, lighting, heat, water textures, cold, aromas, visuals, and sound to produce a sensorial oasis.


Uniquely Created to Serve You

Imagine a team of specialists – engineers, educators, constructors, installers, technicians – that are all bathing enthusiasts whose objective is to Revolutionize Your Brand with Experiential Bathing! We built a company that has amassed knowledge and expertise that supports your business model and focuses on simplifying your involvement in this category. With a half-century of knowledge in all facets of Experiential Bathing, we have the unique insight to Revolutionize your Brand.


Revolutionize Your Brand with Experiential Bathing

Since 1969, we have witnessed traditional distribution channels resist the addition of the sauna and steam category to their product offerings. We have also seen tremendous added value when these product lines are embraced. The brands that we offer have touched the lives of bathers in millions of high-end homes, spas, and health clubs. We have the relationships, pricing, inventory, and vast support systems to offer you the industry’s most respected brands at the lowest prices.


Why Are We So Passionate?

Growth can be challenging in this business climate. Experiential Bathing products are in record demand, fun to sell, promote wellbeing, and create additional exposure and sales for your existing product lines. We have experienced, over and over, the transformative impact these products can have on businesses like yours. Bathing Brands is wholly devoted to changing lives through Experiential Bathing. Sharing this product category with your company furthers this mission.


We Would be Honored

Your stores, websites, and personnel create positive change for those you serve. We are intensely aware of the impact your suppliers have on your customers and your brand. We would be honored by the opportunity to partner with you and Revolutionize Your Brand with Experiential Bathing.