Poolside Sauna Solutions for Your Outdoor & Indoor Pool Projects

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Outdoor Sauna Barrels

Create the ideal accompaniment to your client’s pool area with an outdoor barrel sauna from Thermory. Active lifestyles crave recreational activities that promote wellness and improve quality of life. The numerous health benefits of a sauna align perfectly with the interests of pool owners and recreation enthusiasts.  

Poolside Sauna Barrels by Thermory


Poolside Sauna Barrels by Thermory



Indoor Sauna Kits

Auroom sauna kits create bathing spaces that look and feel completely custom-made, so they'll be right at home even in the most upscale indoor pool areas. No detail is overlooked in the creation of Auroom saunas - from the select northern-European wood, impeccable design, furniture-quality fit and finish, and amazing comfort - these saunas are engineered to exceed your clients' expectations. 

Indoor Poolside Sauna


Auroom Sauna Kits for Poolside


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